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Hiiiii. I have art for you. ♥

I bet Athos has weird mythological animals too. I mean, come on, a horse with a goat's beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves? A lion with a human head and a scorpion tail? A racoon dog body with the head of a monkey, legs of a tiger, and a snake instead of a tail? Unbelievable. :3

But I realized afterwards that you'd probably have to be on a certain planet to be able to see a certain configuration of stars. Oh well?
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I have wide hips, small breasts, plump arms, and a tummy, and (and, not but) I like how my body looks. I was really into classical paintings--Bouguereau in particular--when I was a kid and the tummy, the arm fat, the small breasts, the wide hips, they're all there. I found my own body reflected in their beauty; the painter thinks they're gorgeous and it shows.

I think all women are gorgeous--for their bodies and their voices and their minds. I hope it shows.

14 Valentines: Body Image

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But it's under a cut for now! )

Again I say, if you haven't been reading Mina de Malfois, you are missing out: [ profile] minions_de_mina. (It's not really a WiP, more serial fiction, but the entire first season is done, and it is fantastic!)
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For [ profile] uselessplayback at [ profile] sgart_exchange, and it's so late (I'm so sorry!) that it's holiday-themed. Again, so so so sorry!

And for the rest of you--or rather, for the rest of you who know Katamari Damacy, here is my Christmas card for you! Happy holidays. ♥
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See, my Halloween faux-medieval picture totally had a faux-ninja in it! Very informal, that!
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Dear Anonymous LJ Fairy,

Here is an SGA picture, with fruit, for you! You didn't say which fandoms you were in, so I went for SGA.

Dear everyone else, sorry if I've been awful about commenting lately. I'm still having issues with my laptop, and I've only got access to the internet through the school computers.
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For [personal profile] trinityofone's Something Wicked

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You can find the story here! And here's a black and white copy.

(Oh, there's a ladybug on the keyboard! What a cutie!)
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My prompt was: Total AU (Contemporary setting-- no Stargate, no Atlantis, but the characters exist and meet each other anyway)

I also wanted to do an equestrian AU and a gardening AU and a pop star AU but ran out of time. I'll see if I can get another done tomorrow morning; if not, well.
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Cowboy!Sheppard was inspired by [ profile] pentapus's suggestion and [ profile] trinityofone's A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours. I ended up going off in a slightly different direction, but [ profile] trinityofone's story is fantastic and I highly recommend it if you haven't already read it.
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For [ profile] astolat's Moving On.


The pdf file is for printing out and assembling by hand. If you don't have Adobe Reader, which you will need if you can't open the file, you can download it. It's big but it's useful--not just for this file but for a lot of documents. I didn't include supporting tabs because I haven't been able to print these out myself and test the best positions for tabs, but you can see how the tabs would work in this paper doll. The order of the outfits goes: Almeracian, Toga-like, Idarian, K'tlak, Khitanwe, Xakanxa, Trwi (3 pc), Wedding Tuxedo.

Special notes for the Trwi outfit: Cut a slit in the headdress at the widow's peak line, like in the preview picture, and put Lex's head into it. Tuck the boa around his shoulders, so that the side parts overlap his outfit.

Condensed instructions: Download this file and print it out. Read the special notes for the Trwi outfit. Cut supporting tabs according to this picture.


The psd file has layers so that the outfits can be assembled on the computer. If you don't have Photoshop or PS Elements, you can open it in GIMP, which is free. The outfits are all on their own, named layers; turn the visibility/opacity on and off to play, and move the layers around if you like.

Special notes for the Trwi outfit: Note that there are two layers--the boa and the headdress--with (top) and (bottom) in the names. They match up so that they can overlap other layers. If you want the boa and the headdress to work right, you have to turn both the (top) and the (bottom) layers on or off.

Condensed instructions: If you have Photoshop or something that can read PSD files (or if you download GIMP), you can play with this set directly on the computer. The outfits are on their named layers; turn the visibility/opacity on and off to play. Read the special notes for the Trwi outfit.

Both of these are at 200 dpi, in full color, and approximately 7" x 9" (print them out on 8.5" x 11" sheets, preferably using nice, firm paper like bristol). If you want a special black and white version to color yourself, send me an email and I will send it to you special!

Any questions? Ask me. :)

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