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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 01:04am on 29/01/2012
I had a little free time between assignments and deadlines, so I whipped up a quick piece of fanart for Sherlock and John in Dartmoor, in sort of the style of Tezuka (as a friend challenged me to do).

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I did a quick digital type treatment/fanart for [personal profile] astolat's Thor fic Athelas! I just really wanted to see Thor as a frost giant.

Okay, back to work!
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 07:03pm on 10/04/2011
This might be a long shot, but is anyone else watching Inspector Lewis? Can we squee together? I am obsessed with the show--I'm Netflixing the season 2 DVDs now and I already watched season 4 on streaming. The mysteries are pretty well put together (though sometimes implausible) so that you can't really crack them using the usual mystery-cracking techniques. I've been watching it in the background as I work, and I LOVE IT. Also I want to know where all the Hathaway fic is, because I <3 <3 <3 Hathaway.

P.S. I adore Dr. Hobson too, so any fic with her would be loved just as much!
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Sherlock/London and Sherlock/John (sort of)! <3 Oh, Sherlock.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 10:30am on 07/11/2010
Obsession with Sherlock still has not receded. So I'd like to rec you some of my favorite things in the fandom so far, either John/Sherlock or preslash/bromance:

Monster, by [ profile] moony: Sherlock appears to go bad, and John is the only person who can solve his riddles in time to save London. Intense, plotty, and satisfying. 18,726 words.

Shift, by [ profile] messageredacted: Plotty casefic that turns into something else by the end, something keenly perceptive about Sherlock. I think his characterization here is one of the closest to Sherlock as I understand him. 10,351 words.

Undercurrents, by [ profile] entangled_now: "There, that's it, perfect, shut your eyes and don't move - and don't speak." Crime scene fetish? It's a little disturbing that this is so hot. 3,000 words.

And an adorable and well-drawn piece of fanart of Sherlock and John kissing in their winter coats.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 10:55pm on 14/08/2010
1. I've been playing Mass Effect, a sci-fi exploration/action game, and I just realized the male main character's name is JOHN SHEPHARD (I was playing with the female version of the main character). So I tried to make a hero that looked as much like Sheppard as I could but the face/hair options during character creation are pretty limited. But--hee. <3

2. I've watched all of Sherlock and I'm dying for more episodes. The second one was a doozy though, right? I spent most of it cringing. Why'd they have to go ruin a perfectly good series with that? Why? Why?

3. I got nostalgic for Invisible Man a couple days ago and tried to look up Chalie Ruocco's fic, but it got lost in the Geocities purge, I guess. Bums me out.
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There is so much right with the idea of a Sherlock Holmes double genderswap, right? Sherlock Holmes's misogyny makes much more sense as Shirley Holmes's bluestocking/early feminist impulse; Shirley Holmes's skill for disguise comes from needing access to places women can't go.

Perhaps Shirley shares quarters with her dearest friend Johanna Watson, who, as a source of supplemental income, writes semi-fictionalized accounts of their adventures solving mysteries around London--with their names changed a bit, of course, and their genders switched because it would be scandalous otherwise. But perhaps Johanna, in the course of one of their mysteries, decided to accept Mr. Morstan's proposal; Shirley, of course, feels betrayed.

One of the things I love about the movie is that it's the male version of my favorite and least favorite story: "We Were Best Friends But Then She Got Interested In Boys And I Got Left Behind". I can't tell you how much I hate this story, and yet how tremendously compelling it is? And bringing it back to femslash/girl-BFFs makes it much more poignant for me. (Actually, the femslash version is even more depressing: We Were In Love But Then She Wanted To Get Married. To a Man." Blegh.)

It's hard to get across the sense of "Watson" without the mustache, haha, sorry. I gave Johanna fake sideburns using ringlets at least. (Note that Shirley is wearing the matching skirt to Johanna's jacket!)
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 04:32pm on 29/04/2010
You! ♥ In NYC and related areas! Let's hang out (grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic, comic store trip, whatever)! May 5th to 7th! I will draw you stuff. ( TдT)ノ

And then it's off to Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Oh man, it's a bus trip from hell from NYC to Toronto--three transfers in the middle of the night, and then straight to the con after that. There's another bus trip from Toronto to Buffalo that has me sleeping in an airport for six hours, which is actually better than what I was planning to do.

I learned my lesson this time--no more trying to combine NYC and Toronto into one mega-trip. This is some hollow-cheeked horror right here: щ(°Д°щ)
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Oh god I just spent the whole morning drawing a joke that nobody is going to get.
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Under an LJ-cut because it is slightly NSFW. )

I know I said the Sherlock Holmes movie came off as The Gay Love Story of Holmes and Watson, but upon reflection, Sherlock Holmes '09 could also be the Depressing Comedy of Holmes Learning To Let Go Of His BFF Watson Who Is Growing Up And Getting Married or the Depressing Tragedy of Holmes and Watson In Tempestuous Secret Gay Victorian Love And Denial. Also depressing: They Were Once In Love But Now It's Over And They Have To Split Custody Of The Dog And Holmes Is Just Being A Jealous Ex And Needs To Get The Fuck Over It Already. Though it might be a very uplifting sort of story if you see it from Watson's point of view: Watson Breaks Free From A Co-Dependent Relationship With Holmes, Finally, Thank God.

That's a lot of capital letters.


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