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Mute Cornett ([personal profile] mutecornett) wrote2010-02-05 10:45 pm
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Fanart: "Try Again," Holmes/Watson

I know I said the Sherlock Holmes movie came off as The Gay Love Story of Holmes and Watson, but upon reflection, Sherlock Holmes '09 could also be the Depressing Comedy of Holmes Learning To Let Go Of His BFF Watson Who Is Growing Up And Getting Married or the Depressing Tragedy of Holmes and Watson In Tempestuous Secret Gay Victorian Love And Denial. Also depressing: They Were Once In Love But Now It's Over And They Have To Split Custody Of The Dog And Holmes Is Just Being A Jealous Ex And Needs To Get The Fuck Over It Already. Though it might be a very uplifting sort of story if you see it from Watson's point of view: Watson Breaks Free From A Co-Dependent Relationship With Holmes, Finally, Thank God.

That's a lot of capital letters.

[personal profile] spacehussy 2010-02-06 11:25 am (UTC)(link)
So, so lovely <3

Among my favorite things about this picture, namely the trippy yet gorgeous colors, Watson's pantslessness, the awesomely in-character quipping, my absolute favorite is probably Gladstone sleeping in the background.

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He's perfect. <D

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<3, even!

I can type, really!