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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 10:18pm on 02/02/2010
I haven't seen these stories recced all over the place yet so I'm gonna do it. Descriptions are spoiler-free for the movie, but fics themselves obv. likely to be spoilery:

Leaves Wreckage Where It's Blown - A sweet friendship/UST/unrequited piece with a bit of a punch at the end.

Circuit - Electrostim PWP. Perfectly in-character, unexpectedly hot and poignant even if you--like me--don't care for the kink.

Quite Enough - This story basically embodies my reading of the movieverse Holmes/Watson dynamic. Bittersweet hurt/comfort missing scene.

Psychologically Disturbed - I always feel uncomfortable reading threesomes/OT3 fics so I usually avoid them, but this Holmes/Watson/Mary + Irene fic really wowed me. It doesn't try to deny or disappear anything difficult about their canonical relationships, and it also doesn't use the threesome as a cheap way to resolve their canonical tensions/dynamics, but as a way to reconfigure them. And the characterizations are pitch-perfect where they adhere to canon and convincing where they expand on canon. Give it a shot even if you don't normally read OT3 fic!

One of the interesting things about Archive of Our Own is that the signal:noise ratio is really, really high, especially compared to LJ fic comms. I read everything with the Sherlock Holmes (2009) tag without reservation, because even the bad ones are generally better than you'd find anywhere else.

Still working furiously on SH fanart, but real life is getting in the way.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 10:16pm on 03/01/2010
I have found an vast, untapped resource for long, plotty Holmes/Watson fic for the new Sherlock Holmes movie:

Holmes/Watson fic based directly on the Arthur Conan Doyle canon (or the older adaptations).

Well, duh, you say. Wait, hear me out! I was in Sherlock Holmes fandom for a brief period after reading up on the stories to learn how mysteries were conducted, and I batted around the idea of slash with the characters. But I discovered that my personal interpretation of the characters made reading Holmes/Watson fic based on the ACD canon an awkward experience, no matter how well-written they were. I wanted to enjoy them but I couldn't imagine Holmes being that handsy and affectionate towards Watson outside of a life-or-death situation. It was hard for me to think of Holmes as a sexual being at all, to be honest.

But after watching the movie and tearing through [profile] sherlockkink and the new [profile] holmeswatson09 community, I was still hungry for more fic--specifically long, plotty, satisfying fic--so I wandered back to the old H/W archives based on ACD canon. To my surprise, I found that the characterizations dovetailed perfectly with the movie versions of Holmes and Watson. RDJ's Holmes is handsy and affectionate, jealous and playful and sexy, and the old guard of Holmes/Watson writers captured this reading of Holmes well before the movie came out. The old H/W fic totally works for me now if I keep movie-Holmes and movie-Watson firmly in mind. (No disrespect intended to the ACD canon fic writers and I'm sorry for visualizing RDJ and Jude Law's portrayals when reading your fic! But now I can read your amazing stories and I love you for it!)

The trick is simply to visualize RDJ and Jude Law's portrayals of the characters and it works 100%. I just spent the day reading [profile] katieforsythe's wonderful Cauldron: A Love Letter and The Three Favours, which are delightfully, eerily prescient:

Some of [the telegrams] inquired rather charmingly after my health. Some were dinner invitations, or notices that he had reserved a box at the opera. Others were terse and frankly exceedingly droll accounts of deductions made regarding acquaintances of ours at the Yard, or minor reflections upon passages in books, or ironic descriptions of how the plane tree visible from my old room was faring. I would calculate that a quarter of them were variously worded apologies, some amusing and others abject though never inappropriate. Finally, a further ten percent, perhaps, were summons to accompany him on cases of varying interest. I discarded each and every one of them, save the last.

I will not pretend that I did not read them. I threw one in a public dustbin without glancing at its contents and in a fit of unreasoning panic some two hours later returned to find it had already been incinerated. After that, I took care to read them through, whether they brought a horribly painful constriction to my chest or no, before I destroyed them. The less efficacious of them were crumpled and consigned to the nearest receptacle, and his more effective efforts I deliberately burned. Finally, at long last and after having received 196 telegrams from the same party, I jotted down a furious reply:

Cease writing me telegrams. You must give it up.

I had already received my quota for the day and was preparing for bed when a fourth was delivered to me, shortly before midnight:

I do not intend ever to give it up, even if the only beneficiary is the London postal service. Sleep well.

It slipped from my fingers onto my desk as I shook my head exhaustedly, and I vaguely wondered as I drifted off what I had done to deserve any of it, and what I ought to wear when I arrived at Baker Street the next morning to throttle the life out of Sherlock Holmes.

P.S. I'm always starving for good fic! Anyone got recs?
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 11:31pm on 26/12/2009
EDIT: I don't think this entry contains any real spoilers, but read at your own discretion. Let me just say, though, it was gay. Gay gay gay gay gay.

Oh my god, I'm supposed to be packing for an upcoming trip to China but I just have to get this off my chest--I saw Sherlock Holmes today, and it is like a Holmes/Watson birthday present to me from the powers that be.

The bickering over custody of the dog, "My dog!" "Our dog!" "My dog!" Holmes' open sabotage of Watson's relationships! Holmes trying to keep Watson from leaving him through all manner of ridiculous stunts! Holmes being bitchy to Mary! Mary saying Holmes cares as much about Watson as she does! The flirting! The open affection! Holmes joking about marrying Watson! Scrabbling at his pockets! Bickering about who left the stove on like an old married couple!

The entire time I sat with my heart in my throat, waiting for the moment it all came crashing down--and it never did! I went in thinking, "Oh well, they'll probably play down the gay, throw in some smokescreens, keep them from having too much screen time together, but hey, Jude Law!" I-I did not expect them to play UP the gay and have Holmes flirting with Watson every few minutes or angsting about Watson leaving him.

(Just saw that Downey implied that Holmes and Watson might be gay. Haha! Where are my promised wrestling and sharing-a-bed scenes, though?)

P.S. If anyone knows where the Sherlock Holmes movie fandom is congregating, please let me know! I'm stuck in China for a month, and I'm gonna be completely miserable.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 02:30am on 15/12/2009

Oh man, oh man, I finally watched Call of the Wild for the first time yesterday. I've avoided watching CotW every time I watched the show before because, well, that's it, that's the last episode, the end, you know? I'm so glad I watched it, of course. It ends on the perfect note. I may have cried a little bit.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 06:04pm on 12/11/2009
I've been skipping my graphic design classes--instead, I stay home and futz around with Creative Suite. I made a cover for [personal profile] laurajv's fic, The Word For World is--:

So, uh, hey. Who wants a cover for their fic? (It'll be a collage cover, like above.) I'll take the first five that ask--for now at least, maybe more later?

It helps if it's neither a PWP nor more than 10,000 words, or else give me a short excerpt of the best part. I can try to do fandoms I don't know anything about if you give me a little character background, the setting, and a rundown on which items are significant (the turtle, the lemon, the Cash poster, the Impala, etc).
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I have returned bearing vastly improved drawing skills learned from My Other Life (which is going great, by the way). My friend's been trying to get me into Supernatural, which inexplicably made me feel an intense wave of nostalgia for Due South instead. So here's RayK and Fraser, my One True OTP (One True One True Pairing?):

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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 01:06pm on 27/10/2009
I just got some Google Wave invite nomination things. The fandom waves are looking a little lonely, and it kind of reminds me of the old mailing list days.

I'm saving some for RL friends, but comment or email me or whatever if you want a Wave invite. Um, it's under my real name for now (I sent an invite to my fandom account but it hasn't arrived yet), so, er, just keep it on the DL.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 07:17pm on 30/04/2009
Hello world! :)
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 12:28am on 10/12/2008
I suck so bad! I haven't updated in a long while!

I've been living on $800 a month including rent, and we don't have TV and it's always 55 degrees in the house, haha, and I spend most of my time drawing useless things (such as me fighting frogs with a baseball bat). Now I'm staying with my parents for a month working on samples for a possible lifestyle/editorial illustration portfolio. I've been reading some Merlin but I'm not really all that into the fic, but earlier tonight I was talking with my friend about how great fandom is and I suddenly missed it terribly.

THE GOOD NEWS FROM REAL LIFE LAND: I'm going to be in Popgun 3! (I think! If the editors let me be in 3! I might end up stuck in 4, though...) I will leave it up to you to figure out which one's my comic. Also, I got ~*discovered*~ by an art director who saw me drawing in a coffee shop, and his company paid me $250 for five hours of work.

THE BAD NEWS FROM REAL LIFE LAND: $100 of that immediately went to my landlord as a late fee for my rent, ouch. Also, my dad got laid off. Oh, and I have carpal tunnel syndrome! It's early days yet so I'm wearing braces at night to keep my wrists straight and trying to avoid too much typing.

NEUTRAL NEWS FROM REJECTION LAND: Oh yeah, and I hit on a valet at the Marriott who turned out to be my friend's brother who I met two years ago at a party and who remembered ME. I had no recollection of him. Small world, right?

CAT NEWS: I just watched The Cat Returns. That is basically my fantasy, to be abducted by a bunch of walking talking cats to CAT KINGDOM, except I tried to pet a cat once and then I rubbed my eye and my eye turned red because actually I'm allergic to cats.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 10:52pm on 12/06/2008
Everything Tsukizubon Saruko writes is a gutpunch. It's original fiction, but before you run off screaming at that, it is not the lame "original slash" stuff you see around. Her characterization is so deep and so rich and three-dimensional, and her stories are-- they're like that song you used to listen to in high school that your friend put on a mix tape for you, and when you hear it again, later, after you've forgotten all about it, you can't quite place the melody but an ache builds in your gut. I don't know. I don't know how to do it justice. Everything she writes knocks me over.

We Are More is her most recent story. I also loved Canaan Falls and Wolf at the Door, but everything's good.

- - -

I wanted to "update" her look to 70s retro rather than awkwardly modernize her like the modern Scooby Doo stuff is doing. :3 (Man, when I was younger, you could barely watch cartoons without constantly running into Scooby Doo reruns. I eventually let them wash over me like white noise.)


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