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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 04:51pm on 03/06/2010 under
There is so much right with the idea of a Sherlock Holmes double genderswap, right? Sherlock Holmes's misogyny makes much more sense as Shirley Holmes's bluestocking/early feminist impulse; Shirley Holmes's skill for disguise comes from needing access to places women can't go.

Perhaps Shirley shares quarters with her dearest friend Johanna Watson, who, as a source of supplemental income, writes semi-fictionalized accounts of their adventures solving mysteries around London--with their names changed a bit, of course, and their genders switched because it would be scandalous otherwise. But perhaps Johanna, in the course of one of their mysteries, decided to accept Mr. Morstan's proposal; Shirley, of course, feels betrayed.

One of the things I love about the movie is that it's the male version of my favorite and least favorite story: "We Were Best Friends But Then She Got Interested In Boys And I Got Left Behind". I can't tell you how much I hate this story, and yet how tremendously compelling it is? And bringing it back to femslash/girl-BFFs makes it much more poignant for me. (Actually, the femslash version is even more depressing: We Were In Love But Then She Wanted To Get Married. To a Man." Blegh.)

It's hard to get across the sense of "Watson" without the mustache, haha, sorry. I gave Johanna fake sideburns using ringlets at least. (Note that Shirley is wearing the matching skirt to Johanna's jacket!)
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posted by [personal profile] l_elfie at 12:52am on 04/06/2010
this is epic and i love it. i really need to read sherlock holmes one of these days, but now i can't help but think i'll be slightly let down unless i imagine that the stories are, as you say, written by johanna and genderswapped for publication. i didn't notice the skirt/jacket match-up, but that is amazing! (may i reblog this on my tumblr?)
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 01:09am on 04/06/2010
I like the books--I mean, they're fun to read, but the movie is the thing that really captured my heart. <3 I love Holmes in the movie--I read him as one of those, like, third-wheel-in-the-relationship characters that immediately push all my buttons--poor thing! All the dynamics of the movie worked so well for me, and they're pretty different from the dynamics in the books, really.

(Oh sure, go ahead and reblog! :3 Thank you!)
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posted by [personal profile] l_elfie at 03:10am on 04/06/2010
i think my main problem with the movies is that i judge every single film RDJ has been in since kiss kiss bang bang against, well, kiss kiss bang bang, which has many of the things that push my buttons: competent people, people trying to be competent, not totally gruesome murder mysteries, etc. (i did think the sherlock holmes movie was quite good, though! i enjoyed it a lot. i'm a big fan of guy ritchie's genre films--the genre being "fast-paced english mobster flicks"--and this was nicely stylized along the same vein.)

reblogged! i do really love this picture. the layout and use of light and shadow (in the color tones) is especially great.
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posted by [personal profile] raanve at 01:04am on 04/06/2010
Here via the DW network function. I love this!! And I love your thoughts on the story as well.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 01:18am on 04/06/2010
Thanks!! :D
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posted by [personal profile] meansgirl at 01:50am on 04/06/2010
Oh wow, this is so great! I LOVE the smoke.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 03:30am on 06/06/2010
Thanks so much!!! :D
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posted by [personal profile] venturous at 02:10am on 04/06/2010
oh, brilliant! I love the colour and the light.
and the sentiment, agh! Johanna, you've got a lot of nerve.and are oblivious.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 03:31am on 06/06/2010
Thanks! And, gah, Watson! *shakes annoyed fist* I wish I could get all the angst out of my system so I can draw happy pictures, but I'm just obsessed with the angst/tension between Holmes & Watson, I think.
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posted by [personal profile] talitha78 at 02:41am on 04/06/2010
Awesome concept and execution!
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 03:32am on 06/06/2010
Thank you! :3
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posted by [personal profile] chatananas at 05:31am on 04/06/2010
Wow, this is an amazing idea and I really love your style. The colours you've chosen make it very atmospheric.
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 03:35am on 06/06/2010
Thank you so much!!
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posted by [personal profile] livrelibre at 07:46pm on 05/06/2010
Beautifully done! *recs*
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posted by [personal profile] mutecornett at 03:35am on 06/06/2010
Thank you!!! :D


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